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AJA House was created in 2023 as I scoured the internet wondering why I couldn't find reasonably priced organization products that were family-oriented, pretty and actually made me want to display them in my home. I spent 10 months, designing, producing, and launching AJA House's first flagship product, the acrylic calendar!

In navigating new experiences and the growth that comes with starting a business, I've found that there isn't many resources out there specifically tailored for working moms. The available content often focuses solely on career or parenting, without any real discussion on balancing both. For me, this often leads to feelings of guilt for being ambitious, or inadequacy in my career trajectory. Through this journey, especially with the added challenge of managing a business, I've been inspired to create a platform that addresses these struggles head-on. Let's cut the noise and have some honest conversations about the unique challenges faced by working mamas!


  • I grew up in a VERY small rural farm community in Southern Colorado. The smell of wet dirt is still one of my favorite, most nostalgic scents. 
  • I'm (mostly) sober these days, not just because of the age-related hangovers but because after having covid a few years ago, I can no longer get a buzz. Is this a thing for anyone else!?
  • I love interior design and in a different life, would have chosen that as a major and career. I love seeing home projects come together!

HERE'S HOW I CAN HELP YOU! In my day job, I manage a team that supports software applications, and I have learned that a lot of the processes in software design and implementation can be applied to your daily life. This means looking for opportunities for process improvement and automation, managing a project to completion, and then enjoying the additional time available to you once those processes/automations are in place. If you feel the constant pull between your work and your family, just know that it IS possible to create some extra space! TLDR: more free time for you to do other things you love, like spending time with your kids or getting a hobby! 

Because I am juggling a lot, I always looking for tools that help me keep it together and with less effort. If you've ever thought "I just need an assistant", I highly recommend you check out Motion! I've been using it for a few weeks now as an upgrade from Google Calendar/Tasks and am LOVING it so far! If this interests you, please email me! I've got a special link that will extend your free trial by 2 weeks and would love to share. 💕

As AJA House evolves, please know that I'm always here for you. I'd love to know if there's products you are looking for, or a problem that you're struggling to solve! 

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